Short and Long Term Boarding at the Armistead Animal Inn in Hampton, VA

Need a place where you can leave your faithful companion while you take that important business trip or well-deserved vacation? Armistead Animal Inn is a state-of-the-art pet boarding resort facility. We promise you that our experienced, caring, and responsible staff will do everything to pamper your pet while you're away. We also offer an assortment of pet supplies for your convenience.
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Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital was long outgrowing the boarding facility. To provide adequate boarding for our clients, in 1986 we opened the Armistead Animal Inn. In time for the holiday boarding season, we could now provide a modern, clean and safe environment for our clients and the public at large. Indoor/outdoor cages with runs for the large dogs and secure stainless steel units for our smaller boarders. Cats are housed away from the dogs in a quiet environment in the front of the inn. We offer premium pet foods and excellent pet supplies.

Our staff has a core of long standing employees with some newcomers. They all have the health and safety of the pets in mind at all times. Fred McCulley is the inn's long serving manager who maintains an environment necessary for success.
"We have been taking our golden retriever to the Animal Inn for years and we couldn't be happier with the facilities and the staff. Everyday Savannah is eager to get into the car and head out to “school”. There are usually about thirty dogs everyday and at least a dozen compatible big dogs for Savannah to play with. This is a wonderful alternative for single dog families.I have checked out other day care facilities and they are more expensive and have fewer dogs to interact with.This is a great thing to do for your pet."

- Steve T.
"A great place to board your animals. I've taken mine here on multiple ocassions and have never once had a problem. The staff are great and experienced!"

- Roger.
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