Veterinary Dental Work in Hampton, VA

Frequent routine dental examinations are important to the longevity and comfort of your pet. Dental cleaning removes harmful tartar that hides bacteria and may break the seal between tooth and gum. Such an opening in the gum allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream where it colonizes in small blood vessels of various major organs resulting in early and severe damage. Organs like the kidneys, liver and heart may develop impaired function that shortens the life span of our friends.
Dental Procedure — Animal Hospital in Hampton, VA
Cleaning of Dog's Teeth — Animal Hospital in Hampton, VA
Routine dental cleaning includes removal of the tartar, polishing to smooth the surface and fluoride treatment to sanitize the mouth. Once a year cleaning is important. Occasionally extractions are necessary for the oral health and comfort of our patient.

Vaccination against Porphyromonas bacteria is now available for our canine patients protection. This bacterin produces antibodies against oral bacteria that may enter the bloodstream, removing it from the body. The organs stay healthier and increased longevity is more likely in the overall population of dogs receiving this inoculation.

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