Veterinary Surgery in Hampton, VA

At Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital, we provide the experience and the environment for many soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. Whether surgical procedures are scheduled or are emergency procedures our staff is prepared and the surgery suite is available. Positive pressure ventilation in the surgery room enhances its sanitary environment.
Some of our on-site surgical procedures include:
Skin and subcutaneous tissues:
  • growth excision ( cysts, tumors)
  • wound repair
  • abcess lavage and drain implantation

  • hernia repairs of the umbilical, inguinal and abdominal wall

  • hematoma repair
  • lateral ear resection
  • treatment of rupture ear drum
  • treatment of middle ear infection

  • corneal lacerations
  • corneal patch protection
  • rupture corneal ulcers
  • removal of conjuntival tumor
  • enucleations
  • reduction of protruding eyeball
  • entropion
  • extropion
  • excision of eyelid tumors and cysts

  • foreign body retrieval
  • bowel obstruction
  • splenectomy
  • bloat/torsion repair

  • Rhinoplasty
Oral cavity:
  • removal of extra gum tissue
  • extract teeth
  • oropharyngeal flap closure
  • laceration repair
  • tumor excision
  • mandibulectomy (partial)


  • fracture repair
  • luxation reduction
  • ligament/ tendon repair
  • patellar luxation correction
  • cruciate ligament rupture correction
  • femoral head ostectomy
  • amputation


  • ovariohysterectomy (spay)
  • neuter
  • pymometra removal
  • caesarian section
  • episiotomy

  • diaphragmatic hernia repair
  • thoracic wall trauma repair
  • pneumothorax repair with Heimlich valve and chest drain


  • cystotomy
  • urethrotomy (perineal and scrotal)
  • perineal urethrostomy
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